Bacup - The Garden                              

Pictures showing the state the House Builders - Wainhomes - left the garden. 2006 was a rainy year, the front turf was laid in the rain, and the back garden was rotavated by Wainhomes in the rain. This only served to to compress and puddle the soil. Any top soil left in the back garden was washed away by the water which flowed down the garden which sloped towards the house. Wainhomes left the back garden a metre and a half higher at the fence than the house, and the garden next door was over a metre higher than ours, with just a few flags on end to retain the mud. Rainwater flowed towards the house and was added too by the rain water from next doors garden. THANKS WAINHOMES!!!!!!!!!!

The before picture - How Wainhomes left the garden. It was rotavated by the builders IN THE RAIN!

Wainhomes felt it was sufficient to insert flags on edge to retain the mud between our garden and next door even though the difference in height was in excess of a metre

   View from above, the trench ready for the foundations for the retaining wall and extension after removal of flags on edge.

The other end of the trench, viewed from above. Note the drain

The Extension build is underway

Nearly there!
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