The Far East -Bangkok, Thailand                            
Bangkok is a beautiful, modern, busy city. Thai food is cheap in comparison with European prices for Thai food, we stayed at the Rembrandt Hotel (very nice it was too) and found a very small restaurant under a corrugated iron roof 50 metres from the Hotel. We ate every night (and drank Thai Beer) for less than £10.00 for the two of us. The modern elevated city train service is easy to use, as we were only a couple of hundred metres from a station we used it a lot to get around. As the traffic was like rush hour in Manchester all the time from 08.00hrs until 21.00hrs we had very little option.

Drunk...... moi?

           An Evening meal on a River Boat

The famous Thai Long-tailed boat.

Bangkok Flower Market.








Pick another flower.








A Thai blessing using a Water Lilly

A Royal Guard








Topiary in the Golden Temple

Thai Dancing Girl

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