The Far East -Saigon, Vietnam

Just north of the city lie the Cu Chi Tunnels. The Vietcong developed the tunnel system and used this 'highway' to fight the French then the Americans in their war for 'independence'. The Vietcong fought a brutal guerrilla war, against far superior forces using what little they had available.  An estimated 21million gallons of this herbicide was sprayed over South Vietnam over a ten year period in an effort to 'see' the Vietcong from the air, depriving them of cover and food. Children are still being born deformed as a result of the poisoning of the land. . The Cu Chi Tunnels are now operated as a Tourist Attraction, some of the tunnels have been widened and heightened to allow European tourist to  access a small part of the network.


A doorway to the underground labyrinth of tunnels

                     Easy peasy!

                               Same hole, different Bum!

A man trap!

No you see it, now you don't

Captured American Tank.
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