The Far East -The River Kwai                      
We spent three days on the River Kwai. One thing that amazed us was that we found it hot and humid just lifting a drink in our air-conditioned hotel, the prisoners who built the railway did not even have food, water or sanitation. The railway is able to be kept open now largely paid for by tourists, but being being there it enables the local people get around. The facilities created for Tourists in the 'Jungle' make it a very comfortable place to visit and not to be missed if you visit Thailand. A day out on a long tailed boat is a must.
On the Death Railway On the Death Railway The New Bridge
The new bridge over the River Kwai, on the right Pam walking with some trepidation on the elevated seaction.

Pam on the Death Railway

On the new Bridge
On the new bridge.
Copy of a drawing made by a prisoner
Dysentry Hut Chingkai, a view from the artists bed space.
The Death Railway statistics






Death railway 'statistics, so many dead

Long-tailed boat trip
Long-tailed boat trip
Long-tailed boat
The 'business' end of a Long-tailed Boat.
The Cemetry






The Cemetery for the remains of the 'workers '

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