Sri Lanka                                                

Sri Lanka is a country of mixed memories. We were in Colombo in February 2008 when they celebrated the Anniversary of their Independence. The Tamil Tigers set off a number of bombs both in the main railway station and on a bus in the middle of the country, Many local people were killed! The people are very friendly, and as in most countries, very adept at parting tourists from their money. The Hill Country around Kandy was reminiscent of how it must have been under British Rule. The local curry is not up to Indian standards but that is a personal opinion.

The welcome at Hotel Serendib, Bentoto.

The Market at Bentoto

   The cricket ground in Galle in the background

A baby Turtle at one of the sanctuaries which raise baby turtles to ensure they have the best chance of survival

This is one of the older turtles which are kept to monitor growth levels, and health.

Elephant Orphanage at Pinnnawela
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