The Area around Baud
Fishing the River Blavet

Less than five minutes drive through the forest lie some terrific spots to fish for the prolific Bream which fill the River Blavet. In addition to Bream you can expect, depending on bait, tactics, and season, to find Roach, Perch, and the occasional Pike and Zander, Chub, and trout.

The best tactics are to bait up the night before using brown crumb mix with a handful of trout pellets and a sample of the bait. Sweet corn is one of the best baits and is both cheap and clean to use.

Throw in six or eight large balls of ground bait, best fishing is usually towards the opposite bank, near or under the overhanging trees. 

I find dawn is a beautiful time to fish. As the mist rolls off the water at daybreak, and the kingfishers stand guard in the trees on the opposite side of the river, the only noise to break the quiet at that time is the chattering of the squirrels in the trees behind and the woods on the opposite side of the road.

There are a number of easy to find marks to get you started. As you drive from St.Adrien towards Pont Augan after about half a mile the river to your right will come next to the road with bollards separating the two. Park at the far end of this stretch.

Walk along the river for fifty yards to the stone mileage marker. Fishing from this bank, you can cast your ledger under and between the trees on the opposite side.

Continue a further fifty to a hundred yards along the bank and look for a car tyre tied up in the tree. This marks another good spot.

Fish either with a ledger with a short (30/40cm) hook length, and a quivertip, with the rod high up in the rest fished 'beach caster' fashion, or float fish with the bait dragging the bottom.

The flow of river is controlled along its length by locks, the nearest upriver towards St.Adrien, usually the flow, from right to left, is very slow and casual. Occasionally during the 'wet' season the locks are opened to allow excess water to run to the sea. When this happens it becomes necessary to step up the weight of the ledger to stand any chance of holding bottom, and float fishing is made all the more difficult because of the speed of the flow.

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