The Potager


Well this is me, the farmer has ploughed the 'potager', broken the crust, and left it in a loose state to enable me to work the soil to a good depth. Its early May 2005.

The plan was born at the end of 2004, to cultivate an area of ground and enjoy home grown vegetables.

Not certain what to grow, the only experience is of the previous year when I 'experimented' with Leeks, Potatoes, lettuce and other bits and pieces.

As you can see, I tried a bit of everything. This is July 2005.  

From the left:-                                                                               

Some lettuce at the far end. Then a row of leeks (about 50), a row with a dozen Sprouts at this end and a dozen Broccoli at the far end with lettuce in between. A row of carrots, then a dozen small celery, Dwarf French Beans, Winter Broccoli, then several rows of potatoes. No problem with weeds at this stage, though that did change, with Black Nightshade becoming a serious issue.

I also tried some 'exotics'.

In the foreground of this picture on the left is a square of sweet corn.

However, gardening does have its hazards....a young viper found in the garden one evening.

The Potager continued..