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Ty Gwenn, Kercorde, Baud.

Baud is situated a half an hour to the south of Pontivy, and half an hour north of the Beach resorts of Lorient, Port Louis, La Trinite, and the historical village of Auray in the middle of the a region of Brittany called Morbihan.  

Less than a couple of hours away is the estuary of the River Loire at St.Nazaire.

The house is set in the country, less then five minutes outside the Market Town of Baud. Baud is small enough to be picturesque but large enough to boast a number of supermarkets, and a number of good restaurants and bars. The restaurant at Hotel Cheval Blanc is superb. The Dolphins Restaurant on the old road to Pontivy offers a set five course meal with a litre of wine between two for about 10 or 11 Euros per person.

 The house itself is set in a small Garden in the corner of a grassed field, by a cross road, along with half a dozen other similar houses in a small hamlet called Kercorde. We have two Mountain Bikes , which provide transport and exercise for those who wish to travel the countryside at a sedate pace, and burn off a few glasses of wine.  

                                                                                                Inside the House